Specialized Equipment & Expert Drillers

Specialized Equipment & Expert Drillers

Productive on all Terrain

Productive on all Terrain



At  J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd, we specialize in diamond core drilling for surface mining exploration and control bore holes. We provide our clients with the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure project objectives are met with efficiency and accuracy. We have policies and practices in place that guarantee productivity, including machinery modifications or adjustments that allow us to fulfill contract requirements, regardless of the challenge.

We build drill pads and fully operable camps based on client specifications as well as in accordance with health and safety codes. Our combined support staff in the office provides our employees in the field with the equipment, safety training, and tools for the job no matter what terrain the earth gives us. Our field foremans, drillers, helpers and 5th man support crews are efficient and experienced. The team takes extra precautions to ensure the grounds on which we are drilling are kept pristine.  J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd. has strict polices and procedures for reclamation and environmental protection. 

Surface Diamond Drilling

J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd. has many years of drilling experience. The following drilling methods are put into practice with procedures that allow us to work anywhere in the world. ..read on »

Fly Drilling

At J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd., we specialize in helicopter fly jobs. For this reason, we are able to travel to remote locations and efficiently assemble equipment to commence drilling. ..read on »

Man Portable Drilling

At J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd., we have three man portable drills for smaller projects that may involve swallow waters and/or sensitive environmental regions. This is also helpful to our clients with smaller budgets or in areas where we cannot facilitate fly drilling services. ..read on »

Geotechnological Development

At J.T. Thomas Diamond Drilling Ltd., we provide services to various mining and geotech companies. We implement the mechanisms necessary for open pit setup in order to facilitate ground and soil testing. ..read on »


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